User Experience: Important for SEO

User experience has become part and parcel of your SEO. SEO plays a critical role in how your website ranks in search results. Both SEO and UX deal with what a user sees and experiences online. SEO determines how a site ranks in the relevant results after a query. UX refers to whether users click on and find quality in the search results.  Search engines rely on meta information to evaluate page quality and Philadelphia SEO service providers will strongly advocate a good UI to improve UX and in turn, increase the. They consider direct influences such as keyword, links, and site structure. But they also intuitively assess a site through linking patterns and user engagement. User experience provides an indirect measure of a site’s external popularity.

Why is UX important to SEO?

The rules about SEO are constantly evolving. This has resulted in an unexpected benefit for users in that, as part of the optimization process, Google takes the quality of the experience that users are having on your website into account, and with the incorporation of machine learning into its ranking signals, this development is about to accelerate rapidly. Therefore, having a good UX factor in combination with effective SEO implementation usually results in a big win for your organic rankings.

There are a few quick wins you can use to make your website more UX- friendly and help your organic rankings:

  1.       Page speed

Users are getting more impatient. If your website takes too long to load, they are likely to leave and try somewhere else with a faster load time. Bounce rate is also expected to increase as people get bored and bounce off the website before even having a look at other pages within site. This could end up being reflected in your rankings in search engines.

  1.       Add Schema

By adding Schema, you don’t only tell Google what your content says, but, more importantly, what it means.

  1.       Speak the language of your users

Revise your website copy to make sure it gets into the mindset of your target market and speaks their language. Remember that your audience doesn’t have the same in-depth knowledge of your business or the language that surrounds it, so avoid using jargon.

  1.       Questions

Imagine questions (or tasks) that potential customers using your website may have and make sure that each is answered easily. If you struggle to find the information, your users will find it even harder.

In conclusion, while technical SEO is an essential part of your organic rankings, and a seasoned Houston SEO Agency can help you also look at ways of providing a great user experience whilst keeping technical SEO in place. Therefore, understanding your users’ intent and using that information to focus on meeting their needs is a vital part of your SEO.

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